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Thermo-Clean Heusden-Zolder NV
 Dellestraat 45
B-3550   Heusden-Zolder
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 Thermo-Clean Nederland BV
Zuidplaspolderweg 15
NL-2841 DC   Moordrecht
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Company profile

The Thermo-Clean Group: Your one stop cleaning shop

The cleaning of machine parts and accessories polluted with organic contaminations like paint, plastic, rubber, food remains, oil and grease is work for a real expert.

As one of the biggest players in the industrial cleaning market, the Thermo-Clean Group is, since 1989, a specialist in removing all kinds of pollution to recover your valuable machine parts and components.

Furthermore, the large capacity of the Thermo-Clean Group ensures a very short delivery time during maintenance work. So, at Thermo-Clean, your material is in professional hands!

If, after reading this, you discover the potential of our cleaning methods within your company, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our experts are always prepared to help you with your questions.

Robert Mol
General Manager Thermo-Clean Group