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AHD Aandrijftechniek BV
 Ivoorstraat 4
NL-1812 RE   Alkmaar
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Company profile

AHD Aandrijftechniek is specialised in 1/ industrial brakes for disc- or drum brakes or direct on a cable winch 2/gearboxes in standard execution but also specials to client specifications (customized till 2,4 MW and/or 80.000 kg) for crane drives, rubbermixers, steel industry, extruder drives etc. (4.000.000 Nm) . Also special gear production (module 50) or big turning gears or shafts 3/ Couplings: flexible, torsion stiff, fluïd, barrel, tooth, etc. 4/ Cardan shafts for industrial, automotive or agriculture use (mostly from stock factory) 5/ Repair shop for almost all mechanical drive equipment as gearboxes, variators and couplings. 6/ Bearings (Timken, NSK, SKF) 7/ Chain (IWIS, Rexnorth), 8/ Belts (i.e. Contitech)

Do you need a new drive or you have an older drive and you want an honest proposal rpair or replacement call AHD Aandrijftechniek BV.

Products, in categories

Drives and control - Mechanical drives
Types of maintenance - Revision
Maintenance methodology - MRO Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, Onderhoud, reparatie en revisie

Products, as keywords

Main keywords  
Gearbox Gearbox, gears, gearwheel, worm, wormwheel, motorreductor, planetary, custommade, repair, revision, customized, globoid, bearings, belts, chain
Industrial brakes Brake, discbrake, industrial, pneumatical, hydraulic, elctro magnetic, failsafe
Couplings /Cardan shafts Couplings, elastic, disc, flexible, drum, spacer, spindel, Tschan, Jaure, REEL, Tecmen, PIV, Cardan shafts: industriel, agricultural, automotive


Brand   Description
ATVexternal link Industrial brakes, disc brakes, drum brakes, DIN 15435, fail safe, direct acting, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic-mechanic, pneumatic
Jaureexternal link Couplings, tooth-, elastic, flexibel, fluid, barrel, TCB, Jauflex, Lamidisc, Tschan, Tecmen, REEL, PIV
Vitkovice Gearworksexternal link Gearboxes, standard, special, planetary, worm, extruder, 1 to 1, clientspecification, till 4.000.000 Nm, modules 50,