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D&F Consulting BV
 Stadionstraat 32
NL-4815 NG   Breda
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Company brochure


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At the end of the day, everyone wants to go home safe and healthy. Nevertheless, we constantly expose ourselves to all types of danger. After all, safety costs time and attention. Every day D&F ventures into this area, in its efforts to keep companies safe and to make customers happy. D&F detects risks within organisations and makes proposals in order to avoid them.

Danger arises through man and machine, in other words behaviour and technology. Machines make the work more efficient, but humans look for ease in their daily routines. The machine does not tolerate contradiction or nonchalance, it races on. So man and machine are at odds. Sometimes you resolve a problem with technology, sometimes with behaviour. But in practice, these two are always connected. Based on that principle, D&F ensures that everyone goes home safe and healthy.