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17-08-2016  |  3053x
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Data communications to remote sites and locations

More and more systems are remotely monitored, and then a reliable communication link is an absolute must.

Usually a 3G / 4G modem is chosen, that can transmit the necessary data and / or permits that outside access.

Numerous incidents have unfortunately demonstrated the vulnerability of a 3G / 4G solution, which can easily become overloaded.

A satellite solution offers better security and reliability, because it does not depend on the local situation.
While these solutions were often dismissed as too expensive they have now become very interesting du to the increasing availability of satellite links.

Today there are telemetry solutions starting from 50 EUR / month for 2GB of data, and the equipment has become very cheap.

But a satellite solution can certainly be an alternative for remote sites, or as a backup solution for offices.
With a satellite dish on the roof, and a guaranteed power supply, it can ensure access to email and the internet, whatever happens, and this already from 80 EUR / month.

A mobile solution can be set up completely within a few hours, without any infrastructure works!

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