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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Nowadays there are multiple ways to test/assess your oil/lubricants, but for each method you are only provided with one piece of information, and gathering samples for each method takes time.
This unique CMP is designed to bring many of these condition monitoring and oil analysis methods into one place. Making it easy to locate, easy to use and most important of all, time saving!

In one small easy to use unit, the CMP provides:

•3-D Sight Glass – Provides quick inspection for water emulsions, foam and
•Built in Oil sampling valve – Lets you take live-zone samples
•Magnetic Plug – Quick glance for wear debris
•Level Crosshairs – For precision oil leveling
•Detection Rod – Quick observation of corrosion and varnish issues
•Quick Access Point – The detection rod can be easily removed to take further
field tests including oil temperature, viscosity, water contamination, blotter and

•2.75” x 3.18” x 3.5” (w x h x l)
•Large acrylic sight glass with 1.4” diameter x 1.25” deep viewing area
•Anodized Aluminum Body
•Zinc plated Steel Adapter with assorted male pipe thread sizes
•Stainless steel Pilot Tube bent to your specifications
•Magnetic plug made of a powerful neodymium rare earth magnet
•M16x2 Sample Port threads for attaching to vacuum pump and sample bottle
•Viton O-Ring

Best applications include gearboxes, bearing oil sumps, hydraulic reservoirs, compressor oil reservoirs, turbine-generator main oil tanks and paper machine central reservoirs.

With the CMP, an array of critical machine and lubricant conditions can be examined in just seconds! 

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