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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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On Thursday 8th May, the Technology for Health Meeting was held in the AMC hospital in Amsterdam. During this meeting, Martin Vink, General Manager of BEKO TECHNOLOGIES B.V. held a one-minute `Elevator Pitch` in which he introduced the company`s newest innovation, METPOINT® MMA.

Compressed air is utilised in hospitals as medical air or breathing air. This means that it is classed as a medicine and is therefore the responsibilty of the head-pharmacist. The health and care of the patient is priority number one in hospitals, and risk-management and quality of life are key-factors to ensure the patient`s wellbeing is monitored at all times.

The new and innovative METPOINT® MMA is capable of monitoring and guarding six of the most important values in breathing air, and can do so 24/7. Several hospitals have already shown an interest in this piece of equipment.

Mr Vink ended his pitch with two questions:
Is medical air important to you?
Do you want to reduce risks in the hospitals?

For more information, contact BEKO Technologies

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