Become a certified Level I Ultrasound inspection engineer Inspections with airborne ultrasound are non-destructive tests and their effectiveness depends on the engineer’s ability to perform the inspections. Our extensive training allows professionals to achieve the best predictive maintenance practices after the implementation of a high quality ultrasound program. The training includes the following topics: - All aspects of ultrasound technology; - Effective mechanical analysis, leak detection and electrical inspections; - Conducting leak detection audits, condition based lubrication, steam trap inspection, trending of bearings and electrical inspections; - Optimizing the availability of assets and the profitability of the company; - Improved techniques and methods for a quality ultrasound inspection; - Improving recordig and reporting skills through special analytical and data management; - Reducing energy consumption. The training takes 4½ days and consists of four days of theory / practice and a half day for the summary and exam. Lunch is provided and, like the exams, is included in the price. The qualification, training and certification program (UEQ-TC-1A) is built according to the guidelines of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A. In addition, the training is in accordance with ISO 18436-8 for the inspection and diagnosis of machinery. The Level 1 course is meant for inspectors, maintenance managers, supervisors or service company employees who want to improve their knowledge in the field of air and structure borne ultrasound.