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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Because maintenance activities in hazardous environments can be a challenge, UE Systems has the perfect solution: the Ultraprobe 9000 ATEX – a digital ultrasonic inspection, information, storage and retrieval system that’s versatile, easy to use and with a complete kit of useful accessories.

How does it work?

The Ultraprobe 9000 ATEX is extremely easy to use and most operators can learn how to use it in 15 minutes! Whether used for troubleshooting or a pre-planned route, this instrument will help maintenance professionals move through inspections very quickly.

Data is easily viewed on the display panel and stored with the push of a button. It can later be transferred to a computer and analysed using UE Systems license-free DMS software.


The Ultraprobe 9000 ATEX is a unique instrument due to its high versatility. It can be used for:

• Data Based Mechanical Inspection and trending
Bearing Conditions | Cavitation | Gears/Gear Boxes | Pumps/Motors | Lubrication Programs Optimization

• Data Based Leak Detection/ Energy Audits
Compressed Air | Compressed Gases | Vacuum Leaks | Seals and Gaskets | Condenser Tubes | Cockpit Windows | Hatches | Boilers | Heat Exchangers | Valves | Steam Traps

• Electrical Detection
Arcing | Tracking | Corona | Switchgear | Transformers | Insulators | Relays | Bus Bars

ATEX rated:

Because the Ultraprobe 9000 is ATEX rated, you can use it in hazardous or EX zones (groups C & D) without the need for exempt or work permits for this instrument.

• FM & CSA approved intrinsically safe:

Class I, division 1, groups C & D | ATEX group IIB | CE approved | Concerned gasses: methane-propane-ethylene

What’s included?
The Ultraprobe 9000 ATEX comes with a complete kit to help maintenance professionals get the most out of it and improve to the maximum their inspection practices:

Tri-Sonic Scanning Module for locating airborne ultrasound | Rubber Focusing Probe for narrowing reception field & shielding ambient ultrasounds | Stethoscope Module (contact type) for monitoring internally generated ultrasounds | Extension Probe Kit to increase stethoscope contact range to 31 inches | Warble Tone Generator | Deluxe Industrial Noise Isolating Headset for Hardhat Use | Battery Recharger | Zero Haliburton Aluminum Carrying Case |Free licence of UE Systems DMS software for data analysis and report | 5-year warranty

More information on the Ultraprobe 9000 ATEX Kit and its applications can be obtained by contacting UE Systems.

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