Do you use the services offered by Proces Media? If so, this privacy notice is meant for you. Why is this privacy notice necessary? This privacy notice lists the types of personal information that Proces Media collects, and explains what we do with the information we collect, how we guarantee the protection of your privacy, how long we save your information, and the ways you can exercise your rights with regard to your privacy. Who is responsible for processing your personal information? The party responsible for collecting and using your personal information is Proces Media, established in Uithoorn. Who do we share your personal information with? We have contracted several data processing companies to process your personal information. At your request, we can provide you with an overview of the data processors we have contracted to process your information. Of course, we give the processors only the specific information necessary for us to provide you with the services you have requested. For example, if you have only selected the option of receiving regular email updates, we give the processor only your email address but no additional personal information. We do not share your personal information with any third parties other than these data processing companies. What types of personal information do we process and why? You have the option of creating a personal profile either during or after the registration process. You are not required to fill in each field. It is up to you what information (in addition to your email address) you wish to give us access to. For instance, you may wish to provide us with your first and last names, street address, telephone number, etc. In addition, you have the option of telling us what type of company you work for and in which industry, as well as what type of email newsletters you would like to receive. You can choose from the following options: * Our regular newsletter (12 issues per year); * An emailed link to every new issue of the online magazine (6 issues per year); * Special newsletters related to trade fairs and other events related to the industry (1 to 3 per year). In addition, we ask you to indicate whether we may also use your email address for: * Industry-related dedicated newsletters; * Special requests (on average 1x per year), for instance, a request to fill out a questionnaire intended to improve our services. Your email address is the only personal information we need in order to send you newsletters. If you select one of our paid services, we ask you to include your company name, the name of a liaison employed at your company, and the company address so we can send our invoice to the appropriate person. Every company active in the industry can place its company profile on our website. In order to do so, you are required to provide a working email address. This is the email address we will use to correspond with you. It will not be displayed on the website and is not made public in any way. However, we do display on the website other company information which you provide, such as the name, liaison, and postal address. When creating a company profile, you may provide email addresses of the individuals who are permitted to publish news items on our website. We use these email addresses in the following ways: * To ask your company to confirm the news that you would like to publish; * To send your company a monthly reminder one week prior to the deadline for each newsletter, asking you whether you would like to publish news. The email addresses you provide for this purpose will also receive the newsletters. If you opt for a paid company profile, you may provide us with an email address specifically for billing purposes. We use this email address for billing purposes only and we do not provide third parties access to this address in any way. You have the option of indicating in your profile that you are willing to participate in an annual questionnaire. If you do so, the personal information you provide will be used with the aim of improving our services. Our website does not make use of cookies or any other programs that provide us with information about your visits to this site or that analyze your internet behavior. How do we ensure that your information remains secure? We are required to ensure that your personal information remains safe in our hands. We have introduced both organizational and technical security measures for this purpose. These include measures to limit physical access to our offices, as well as the use of anti-virus software, firewalls, etc. We take care to evaluate and upgrade our security policy whenever necessary in response to technological developments and other factors. How long do we save your information? We save your information until the moment that you terminate your subscription to the newsletter or your agreement with us, except in cases where we are legally required to save this information for a longer period of time. This may be the case due to our financial accounting obligations. In such cases, we save only the specific information legally required for this purpose and we remove from our database all other personal data in our possession. How can you exercise your rights? You have the legally protected right to know precisely what personal information of yours we have in our database. You also have the right to change this information and to require us to remove it from our database. You have the option, in your profile on our website, to see all of the personal information about you stored in our database. Your profile also gives you the option to change or remove any personal information in our possession. The changes you enter in your profile are effective immediately in our database. A company profile can be modified at any time by the owner of the email address. The profile can be removed in its entirety on request. This request can be submitted by email as long as it is sent from the company (domain name) in question. In case your information is used for any other purpose than the provision of the services you have requested, you may send a complaint regarding our use of your information. Should you wish to do so, send an email detailing your complaint to Proces Media. We will respond to your complaint as quickly as possible. If you are dissatisfied with our response, you may forward your complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA). Where can I find the most recent version of the Privacy Notice? Rapid technological change, legislation and evolving business processes require us to adapt our privacy policy from time to time. When this becomes necessary, we will also (unilaterally) change the privacy notice accordingly. The date at the bottom/top of this page shows when this privacy notice was last modified. This web page always displays the most recent version of the privacy notice. Therefore, we advise you to regularly consult our website to remain informed of the details of our current privacy policy. To whom can I direct my questions about my personal information? If you have any questions about our use of your personal information, please send an email to We will respond as quickly as possible. Version: June 1, 201