During the IBM Users Conference organised early october by IBM in Paris and Nice (France), I-care had the opportunity to present jointly with IBM the results of their collaborative researchs for a complete end-to-end 4.0 Predictive Maintenance solution. I-CARE, Official ibm business partner For the last months, I-care and IBM have worked together to develop an complete 4.0 solution of Predictive Maintenance for Maximo users. As a result of this successful collaboration, IBM has given I-care the official status of IBM Registered Business Partner. Solution showcased in paris and nice early october I-care as expert in Predictive Maintenance and IBM as expert in intelligent software development succeeded to showcase a real end-to-end process of Predictive Maintenance 4.0 during the IBM’s Factory of the future : vision & foresight event in Paris and the IBM Maximo User Group events in Nice. During these events, no less than 80 companies using IBM Maximo have attended the presentation of this innovative solution. Unparalleled experience of predictive maintenance 4.0. What better than the two leaders in their expertise field to create probably the best integrated and smart solution to prevent industrial assets failures ? How does it work ? Vibration and temperature measures taken by our Wi-care true wireless sensors are automatically transferred into IBM Watson IOT to apply a Machine Learning algorithm developed by IBM and I-care. Thanks to this algorithm, the system is able to automatically detect various types of defaults and send the information to Maximo APM to generate a work order. Continuous learning from unsupervised defaults Also, when an unknown machine behaviour is detected, the system will use the experience from the field technician to learn and register this new incident in its database for future automated prediction. This is what we call “self-learning process”, making areal difference from competitors’ solutions. Automation to serve efficiency The automation of decision in case of default improves OEE (Original Equipment Effectiveness) by : •Increasing the first time fix rate •decreasing the mean time to repair •dramatically reducing the risk of unplanned downtime More information Would you like to know more about how I-care can help you reduce your downtime? Visit our website or contact us by email.