Van der Kooy B.V.

About Van der Kooy B.V.

Van der Kooy is a family company that was set up in 1958 in Pijnacker and since 2013 it has been located in Oosterhout. We provide services to horticulture and industry and produce bio oil for sustainable energy and biodiesel.

Quick service
We come with the steam boiler within 24 hours. You can also call us when it comes to picking up the waste oil or assisting by calamities. We will come as soon as possible.

Reliable and passinated
The family company Van der Kooy that exists for more than 55 years has proved to be a reliable and proactive partner. The staff is motivated and because of that we find smart and beneficial solutions under problematic circumstances.

Continous process of innovation
The market of the sustainable energy is constantly changing. While using many possibilities which our company has, we are trying to stay up to date. We are constantly setting in our creativity to find some new solutions. This is a continuous process of

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