The 4th Industrial revolution, IoT and predictive analytics are bringing unseen possibilities in maintenance, reliability and condition monitoring. The Asset Performance 4.0 Conference & Exhibition offers a unique opportunity to learn how new 4.0 technologies and fundamentals in operations, maintenance and asset management reinforce each other in order to achieve higher equipment reliability and cost performance in asset intensive industries. Call for speakers We are looking for speakers to give a 40 min. presentation on their innovative applications and projects in this field. Speakers can share the results and experiences with 4.0-solutions currently being implemented in (pilot) sites. Duo presentations are allowed. Furthermore, we`re looking for workshop facilitators to teach the participants how to work with a certain technique, tool or application in the field of maintenance and operations. In short, workshop animators teach participants how to use disruptive technologies or solutions and to get them acquainted with how new solutions can help them increase asset performance. Searching for a solution to a specific problem? Post your hackathon ideas. In a hackathon, an asset owner introduces a problem in operations or maintenance to a panel of experts, who will work to find a solution using predictive analytics, AI and IoT.