With this leading cooler, we provide a complete unit electrically and pipework connected. The system cooler is already equipped with the optimal amount of oil and coolant. Various switching, regulation and safety components have been assembled on a dust-proof casing and are manufactured in accordance with the DGRL guideline and associated standards like EN378, EN294, EN ISO12100 and electro-technical regulations EN60204. The cooling components have been assembled on a mounting plate and are protected by a powder-coated casing (RAL7035). Other versions can be provided upon request. Specifications: Power: 29-75 kW/ 25,000-64,000 kcal/hour Volume flow: 5.0-12.8 m3/hour Pressure: 3.7-4.8 bar Tank content: 400-750 L. Air consumption: 11.000-22,000 m3/hour With our high quality system coolers, we serve numerous application areas in the process industry. For us, the high demands the industry places on our cooling system are self-evident. Our cooling systems are manufactured according to a strict quality system. They meet the quality standards DIN EN 9001 as well as relevant standards and regulations DGRL 97/23/EC, machine directive 2006/42/EC, EN 60204-1, EN13857. With that, our cooling systems are popular among the plastic industry, the printing industry, laser technology, surface technology, machine construction, welding technology, the food industry, chemical/pharmaceutical, the medical industry and the electro industry. We can also provide our cooling systems complete with tubes and other accessories. Cooling systems complete with electro-motor, pump, tubing, flange and seal. Did you know we also provide chill rolls? Chill rolls in many types, sizes and materials. Our chill rolls can be perfectly combined with our cooling systems. As such, we can provide a complete cooling solution! In addition to the above-mentioned cooling systems, chill rolls, pumps, electro-motors, tubes, flanges and seals, we can also provide you with eyebolts. Contact us today via the OpenSupply website for more information.