The WE.DSR eyebolt is a pivoting eyebolt. Not only does it turn around its axis, the link also pivots. Thanks to the slender design of the link, it is easy to attach a hook. The WE.DSR eyebolt always points in the right direction when carrying a load. That way, you can lift machines, construction elements, matrices, etc., always in the most ideal way and the highest possible workload, with the WE.DSR eyebolt. Depending on the hoisting angle and number of eyebolts, you can lift up to 5 metric tons with the WE.DSR eyebolts. Specifications: Load: up to 5 metric tons Safety factor: max. 5 Indication total workload: 5 metric tons Material: steel The WE.DSR eyebolt is connected through a weld. If you want an eyebolt with a screw connection of this type, we have the DSR eyebolt for the male version and FE.DSR for the female version. In addition, this type of DSR eyebolt is also available in stainless steel. SS.DSR eyebolt is the male version of the DSR type, with a thread bolt up to 30M. OpenSupply also provides the female version of the DSR type, with a thread hole of up to M22, the SS.FE.DSR. All our standard Codipro eyebolts meet the machine guideline 2006/42/EC and are delivered with certificate. In addition to our standard Codipro eyebolts, we also provide customized eyebolts. For more information, contact us via de OpenSupply website.