Aperam ensures safe maintenance with Rimses6

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Stainless steel producer Aperam operates in a highly competitive market, especially in Europe. That is why the company wants to optimize its costs and improve its efficiency by standardizing and harmonizing as many processes as possible in all its sites. Aperam relies on Rimses6 to manage the maintenance operations in the plant in Genk. Other Aperam sites in Europe will follow this example soon.

Aperam has been working with Rimses since 1996, initially very specifically for the warehouse management, but later also to manage the maintenance planning. And even more important: the whole security aspect for the maintenance staff is integrated in it.

Safety is a top priority for Aperam, particularly when it comes to the maintenance of the installations. That is why Aperam asked RealDolmen to equip Rimses6 with specific features to tackle these issues.

Whenever maintenance companies come to work on installations at Aperam, safety is the top priority. All information is collected in a working paper in which, in addition to the technical aspects and requirements, all safety arrangements are included. It goes from the requirement of wearing safety and protective clothing to information about the energy supply that first needs to be cut before starting with the maintenance. It involves a whole series of measures compiled in one form.

Ward Neven, Manager Steelplant/Production Services at Aperam: “We used to work with three different software applications to control all of this. That was a time consuming process and we had to enter the same data manually several times. That is why it was really important to us to combine everything into a single package: Rimses6. We also control the consignments of machines and installations with this.”

Aperam is part of RealDolmen’s Advisory Board, an enthusiastic group of customers that can help to develop the software based on their specific needs. “We believe this is a fantastic initiative: all Rimses aspects are discussed and we can even suggest ideas to improve the package depending on what our business needs. And it is not just idle words because we notice that our needs and questions are heard. The package already includes many features and we are confident that the software will evolve with us in the future,” says Ward Neven.

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