Boiler stacks for Claus C Maasbracht Power plant

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
Article image of: Boiler stacks for Claus C Maasbracht Power plant

A few weeks ago, generators, turbines and boilerparts for the new built Claus C powerplant in Maasbracht were already in good hands with Wagenborg Nedlift. Last week, the stacks for the boiler unit were ready for transport and installation. Of course, Wagenborg Nedlift took care of this project also. Stack parts were brought by barge to assembly yard in Dordrecht, NL, where they were assembled to large units with a maximum weight of 157 tons. From Dordrecht, the assembled stack units were transported by barge to the powerplant site in Maasbracht. With conventional trailers, roll-off operation was carried out. Lower sections of 157 tons were directly transported under cranehook of 400 tons crawler and 120 tons mobile crane. The other parts were brought to storage area first. After assembly of lower sections, middle and top sections of 73 tons and 50 tons were installed subsequently.

Transport and lifting works went right on schedule and employees of Wagenborg Nedlift again made a fine impression on their customer!

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