Course participants rail industry become aware of safe transits

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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New foremen Railway Cable Infra know, from now on, the importance of a safe, controllable cable transit. Participants of the course Voorman Kabelinfra Spoorse Kabels (Foreman Cable infra Railway Cables) learn how to fill and install an MCT Brattberg transit frame. Choosing for MCT Brattberg in their curriculum, Railinfra Opleidingen invests in the knowledge of safe transit systems in an early stage, in order to ensure that the coming foremen will be aware of its importance in practical situations as well.

Dutch educational institute Railinfra Opleidingen is aware of many practical situations where constructors choose an arbitrary solution, when it comes to a water tight transit of cables and pipes. Unfortunately, this often results in leakages in, for example, substations, transformer stations and relay cabins. To get the students used to controllable and safe multi cable transits, Railinfra Opleidingen added MCT Brattberg in the curriculum of the course Voorman Kabelinfra Spoorse Kabels. Based on the enthusiast responses of these course members, it can be expected that the transits are used more often in practice oriented courses.

In the Netherlands, Theunissen Technical Trading BV represents MCT Brattberg. Field sales advisor Barry Hoefnagels was present at a training day in Amersfoort. ‘The participants were very enthusiast and knew their way with the transit products. Thanks to the clear markings on all products, I only had to explain minor aspects.’

Railinfra Opleidingen gives several courses within seven segments of the rail infrastructure sector. In this sector, constructors more and more use the multi cable transits of MCT Brattberg. This is because of the water tight, gas tight and fire retardant characteristics. Also the EMC version of this transit system, that prevents the passage of electromagnetic interference, is often appreciated within the rail industry.

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