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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Almere 28th May 2010. Progressive technology from Testo AG is used globally, and has also proven its worth in the field of health, such as for the measurement of bodily temperatures. Last year, the fear of a pandemic attracted enormous global attention to the swine flu virus. The German Press Agency (dpa) has now awarded a photo with the infrared measuring instrument testo 845 the title of Photograph of the Year in the category “Miscellaneous”. The image shows how the body temperature of a passenger in an aeroplane in Shanghai is being measured. The health worker is using the infrared measuring instrument to record the surface temperature of the skin on the passenger’s forehead.

When the virus broke out, Testo provided suitable intrumentation at the right moment: The sales of Testo instruments in the field of infrared measurement, such as the Testo thermal imagers, for example, increased sharply last year. Thousands of infrared measuring instruments from Testo were used in the fight against swine flu. The authorities, especially in Asia, ordered the temperature measuring instruments from Testo for preventive measures. Travellers entering the country who showed increased body temperatures, and were possible carriers of the swine flu virus, could thus be identified and treated by doctors.

Marcus Brandt, the photographer who took the image, comments: “In spite of the threat of a pandemic, the passengers accepted the medical examination calmly, the atmosphere in the plane was relaxed.”

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