With the industrial hand-sewing machine MP 73, we guarantee a light, strong and economic hand-sewing machine. With its featherstitch, it offers the best solution for sewing together, for example, fabric, rugs, paper, foil, sackcloth or nets. Power supply: The MP 73 can be provided with an electro-motor suitable for 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V or 240V power supply. Weighing only 1.9 kg, this industrial hand-sewing machine is one of the lightest in its kind. The ergonomic design ensures an excellent sewing result in the most difficult places. The industrial hand-sewing machine MP 73 reaches a sewing speed of about 15 meters per minute. Specifications: Weight: 1.9 kg. Sewing speed: 14-15m/min. Max. material thickness: 10 mm. If you want to make sure that our industrial hand-sewing machine is suitable for your material, you can send us a sample, which we will be happy to test on all the industrial hand-sewing machines that we keep in our warehouse. In addition, OpenSupply has its own workshop, where we can carry our repairs on your industrial hand-sewing machine. To maximize the lifespan of your industrial hand-sewing machine, we can also carry out preventive maintenance. That way, the costs stay manageable and you can always depend on your industrial hand-sewing machine. Contact us today via the OpenSupply website.