<b>November 7, 2018 </b> Remote visual inspection in visible light may not always identify all defects in manufactured items or determine the true state of existing infrastructure. Dye penetrant inspection using videoscopes with UV light enables in-depth inspection of component interiors. This webinar is focused on automotive manufacturing applications where inspection rate and production quality requirements are high. We’ll discuss how new Iplex g series industrial videoscopes with an interchangeable UV light source can help you see the invisible. <b>What you’ll learn:</b> •UV inspection overview •Application examples and industry standards •How Iplex g series industrial videoscopes add value to your inspection Presenter: Guan-Lu Zhang, RVI Product and Applications Specialist Guan-Lu joins Olympus with 8 years of experience in the medical and space industries. He is part of the Olympus SSD Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) team and is based in Hamburg, Germany. His background is in mechanical engineering.

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