2 & 3 motors Single Phase Industrial Vac.

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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S2B&S3B are very simple 1ph industrial vacs, ideal for the metalworking industry where metal chips mixed with oil/coolant have to be removed from machine tools. The version FM is recommended for the collection of fine dust as in the B&C field. In such case a Hepa filter KIT can be added as OPTION

S2B is fitted with 2 indipendent`by-pass` motors and available with a 50L bin. Mod. S3B has 3 indipendent `by-pass` motors and is available in 50 L or 100L bin. They are both made of metal plate. The manual filter shaker ensures a good efficiency of the filter and the release container system allows to empty the bin without disassembling the other parts of the vac.

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