50% less wear on rails orderpicking system

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Last modified: 9 May 2023

To protect the rails of the picking system in the European Distribution Centre in Laakdal, Belgium from further wear and tear BLP International has an assignment to work on a solution. BLP International is a specialist in bonding nano-technologies in the fields of extremely low friction, extreme temperatures, extreme pressures, extreme wash-out, anti-corrosion and wear resistance.

“This assignment is crystal clear. Reduce the peeling/flaking of the rails to a minimum, minimize wear on the drive wheels and flanges and prepare the system for years and years to come.” , explains Robert van Hoorn, project-manager at BLP International, . “We focused on the bonding of an extremely hard tungsten layer in the metal surface of the rails. Together with Bemo Rail we performed several tests applying Archoil AR2400. This is a wet-to-dry solution that can endure extreme pressure without “wet” effect. After calculation of surface pressures, and slipping point of both the wheels of the picker and the rails themselves, we came to a very usable formulation. The result up to now shows more than 50% less scaling. This means that there is much less wear and tear is and that there is less maintenance and down-time. All in all good results.”

The technology behind this nano-application has good grades: Usable at temperatures of-270o C to 650o C. Archoil AR2400 withstands a pressure of more than 300,000 PSI. Because there is a bond with the metal, the application is also long term resistant to extreme pressures, wash-out, or excessive heat. The tungsten application brings a lot less temperature, wear and noise on the rail systems. Also for instance thread-welding (galling) is prevented by the chemical bonding.

The application is simple: AR2400 can be applied by means of an air pressured sprayer. The to be treated parts do not need to be disassembled or need any complicated treatment.

Archoil AR2400 is available in The Netherlands at Europe”s distributor BLP International, Hillegom or Engeldot Technical Wholesale. In Belgium Archoil is available again through BLP International or Brenntag Specialties, Deerlijk.

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