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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Guardian® Breathers feature innovative technology, reduce service costs and extend up-time. New check valve technology and cost saving replacement measures keep your fleet in service longer. Guardian breathers introduce four exclusive advancements:

Tritan Construction
Guardian breathers are constructed of patented Tritan™ – the most chemical, temperature, and impact-resistant casing on the market.

Isolation Check Valve
Guardian breathers are the first to include an isolation check valve. The valve separates the adsorbent from exhaust air to lengthen service life of the desiccant.

Compound Vacuum and Pressure Gauge
This proprietary feature provides an accurate indication of the filter’s

Guardian Breathers are Stackable
Stack cartridges to extend the life of breathers even further! Guardian’s Modular
Stack Ring™ lengthens breather service life and reduces service costs
Guardian accessories

In order to customize your Guardian, following accessories are available:
Guardian Shield Wash Down Cap
An extra protective barrier between your Guardian unit and excessive dust and moisture.

Guardian High Capacity Air Filter
for applications where fine particle filtration is critical.

Modular Stack Ring™
Connecting two cartridges of similar size reduces air flow 50%.

Manifold Kits
Mounting multiple units produces greater airflow resulting in less frequent breather replacements.

Air Sentry® breathers should be an integral part of any proactive maintenance and reliability program. The breathers are designed to replace the breather cap or air filter on gear boxes, hydraulic fluid reservoirs, bulk storage tanks, oil drums oil-filled transformers, and other fluid reservoirs. The silica gel adsorbs the water, while two micron filters remove the particulate contaminants. The silica gel changes color when it is fully depleted, turning from a gold color to dark green. This makes it easy for maintenance personnel to identify the breather’s condition.

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