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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Professional pipe markers can act as a live blueprint for a plant, assisting engineers in deciding where and when to intervene. When implemented well, employees and contractors can use pipe markers as a guide and will get insight into how your plant works in the blink of an eye. Brady offers compliant and durable professional pipe markers, adaptable to any standard no matter if it is company specific or governmental.

All colours & sizes

New investments in printing technology enable Brady to take on the largest pipe marking challenges with increased customisation possibilities. Thanks to these investments, Brady can offer compliant pipe markers to a range of industries, including Chemical, Oil & Gas, Energy, Marine, Food, Beverage, Construction, Manufacturing and Process Industries in general. Self-adhesive and non-adhesive pipe markers are available in any colour, any dimension and in any layout for compliancy with international, national or company standards.

June 2015: CLP

Throughout the European Union, all dangerous chemicals and chemical mixtures need to comply with the GHS/CLP Regulation 1272/2008 and Directive 2014/27/EU. That includes chemical mixtures flowing through pipes in industrial plants. Brady Pipe markers can include the correct set of symbols to support compliancy with CLP/GHS, clearly communicating any risk posed by pipe contents to employees, contractors or emergency workers.


All Brady Pipemarkers are made with Brady’s researched and tested label material constructions, coupled with engineered adhesives and inks to resist oil, gas, chemicals and solvents, and prolongued UV-exposure. That is why Brady Pipemarkers stay in place and retain legibility for longer stretches of time, even in tough conditions.

For more information about Brady Pipe Markers, or for special pipe marker material requirements, please contact Brady at [email protected].

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