ATEX motor tames toxic gasses

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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A 400 kW ATEX motor from Hoyer helps the exhaust of toxic gasses out of a Czech chemical factory. The motor was one part of the order when the close cooperation with the Czech blower manufacturer KUBÍČEK VHS was manifested via a delivery to the chemical industry.

Special industrial environments require special equipment. This was the premise when in January 2015 Hoyer launched the project concerning the delivery of two large motors for its Czech business partner KUBÍČEK VHS. The manufacturer of blowers needed 400 kW electric motors as part of a delivery of an exhaust system to a Czech chemical factory. Here, the blowers are used to remove gas in connection with toxic cyanide production, and this has called for certain modifications to one of the two motors:

”What characterizes this order is that both motors will be used at a chemical factory with high quality and documentation requirements. This means that one of the motors is a non-sparking Ex nA motor, while the other is standard. In addition, both motors are fitted with forced ventilation, current-insulated bearings for frequency converter drive and roller bearings for belt drive,” says Adam Slupinski, Country Manager for Hoyer

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