Bei Sensors SIL3 & PLe Encoders

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Aproco offers a complete range of Functional Safety certified encoders to reach the highest SIL and PL levels. Below you will find an overview of the standardized 58 and 90mm encoder models, fitted with incremental or absolute encoder technology. If you have any requests regarding specifications, we invite you to contact us for the full range of possibilities.

The encoders above are available with several analoge or digital output signals:
– 5 VDC or 1-30VDC with TTL/RS422
– 11-30 VDC with HTL Push-Pull
– 5VDC or 11-30VDC with Sin/Cos 1 Vpp
Other signal types on request

The Bei Sensors Functional Safety line will help you to achieve SIL1, SIL2 and even SIL3, or the comparable PL (B,C,D or E) levels. Further expanding their FS possibilities, Bei Sensors offers specific functional safety modules. These assist in reaching the different FS certifications, without the need for a complete control system overhaul. This is achieved by adding different safety circuits in your current operating system (Motors/Sensors/PLC/Drives). Please ask for our Functional Safety brochure (SIL, PL Levels, SISTEMA).

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