BLP extends lubrication interval Hyster Container Handlers

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Last modified: 9 May 2023

Boron Lubrication Products from Hillegom and Barloworld Intern Transport Vianen concluded a maintenance project performed on the Hyster container handlers that are operated at the Bossche Container Terminal. The intended goals, defined in significantly longer lubrication intervals, reduced wear and clean look and feel, were achieved. Using Boron Nanotechnology in greases and lubricants all criteria of acceptance were met or exceeded.

`We wanted to extend lubrication intervals by factor 2. The masts and spreaders have been treated with lubricants that have a nanoborate formulation. The lifting chains were treated with a so-called dry-film lubricant spray that also is based on nanoborate particles formulation. By applying dry lubricant the metal surface remains `dry` which prevents splashing or dripping, and dirt build-up no longer occurs`, reads the explanation of BLP`s projectmanager Rob van Hoorn. That this has worked out well is endorsed by the Technical Specialist of Barloworld who confirmed that the lubrication interval is shifted from 1 time per month to three times a year. The life-expectation of the lift chains is also significantly increased by approximately 1000 hours. The project shows a TCO improvement of 44% annually. The TCO-calculation includes amongst others the cost of lubricants, downtime costs, wages, cleaning and removal costs, servicing platform rental costs, costs for metalworking, cost for parts replacement.

The element Boron has been known for its lubricating and its anticorrosive properties. The main difference from the current generation of lubricants is that nanoborate chemical formulations form a chemical or chelate bond with the metal surface. It remains right where it is applied and cannot be washed or pressed away. This permanent surface lubrication reduces Co-efficient Of Friction (COF) of the surface. Tests have shown COF levels below 0,038. The chemical bond creates a crystal lattice structure with the metal surface that can be used as dry lubrication, extreme heat lubrication, extreme pressure lubrication or wash-out proof solid lubrication, including an anti-corrosive coating.

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