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For more than a decade, Emerson’s CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer was the un-disputable leader and best solution for the predictive maintenance industry. Now with the release of the next generation analyzer, it is time to start the New Year out by stepping up a level in collection time and analysis capability with Emerson’s CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer.

The strong points were already explained in another newsletter, let’s focus now on atex and triax.

The CSI2140 is now certified for:

Atex II 3G Ex ic [ic] IIC T4 Gc (-20°C ≤ Ta ≤ 50°C).

Another level of improvement is through the use of a triax sensor.

Since the spectrum that is measured and the data quality depends on many different para-meters and time, a triax sensor can conquer this measurement with accuracy three times faster than a single accelerometer.

Speed: the CSI 2140 in single channel mode, allows you to collect the same data you could with a CSI 2130 30% faster.

Triax accelerometers measure horizontal, vertical and axial measurements simulta-neously. The time-savings measures gained by using the triax combined with the 30 % faster data collection time that the CSI 2140 already delivers generates 77 % faster data collection in the field.

This is a 77% time savings! Extrapolate this over a year and it will amount to a huge time-savings!!!! In reality, multiple users in different industries have reported 50% ti-me-saving measures due to the time it takes to walk from one machine to another.

Safety: Safety is one of the top KPIs in most industries that are monitored. This makes the triax sensor even more important. It allows the user to mount the sensor in safer locations without having to reach around the machine where accidents are more likely to happen.

Data quality and accuracy: Data accuracy, mounting methods, different locations and quality of the data has always been a concern in many industries. Will I still catch my bearing problems or other issues with a triax? The answer is YES!

The accuracy in the mounting direction of the triax sensor is equal to a standard single channel sensor.

Normally the bearing info (PeakVue™ or other parameters) are also measured at the same direction.

For the other two directions, the linear frequency response is lower. This may have a small influence on accuracy of the high frequencies, but the lower frequencies will not be compromised.

Adapting the current database for triax measurements is a very small job to do.

Upgrading to a CSI 2140 analyzer with ‘jump start’ your program into the New Year with faster, accurate and ease of use analytical capabilities.

In addition to these improvements in data collection, I-Care will include a triax sensor at NO cost when you upgrade your CSI 2130 to CSI 2140.

Contact I-Care for more information and upgrade opportunities.

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