Compressed air consumption monitoring

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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VPFlowScope, the all-in-one flow meter, has a new sensor design. Since the introduction in 2007 it has proved its popularity in compressed air measurements. Now with the redesigned sensor, the VPFlowScope is even more accurate, solid and easier to service.

The temperature response time has been improved because of the new sensor design. This results in more accurate flow measurements, especially in smaller pipe diameters. Another benefit of the new sensor is the open design, which makes it much easier to clean the sensor.

The VPFlowScope measures mass flow, pressure and temperature simultaneously. It features a built-in data logger. The VPFlowScope is equipped with a display with keypad, which makes data read-out with a notebook redundant. All these features combined make the VPFlowScope perfect for measuring your compressed air system.

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