Condensate and bacteria

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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With expertise in condensate treatment, BEKO Technologies has built its company, originally on the treatment and disposal of compressed air condensate. Today, BEKO Technologies has much more to ffer than condensate treatment and the efficient and legal disposal hereof.

Of course, protection of the environment is a benefit to all. Unfortunately, condensate often contains bacteria that cannot be removed by normal filtration methods. Bacteria can reproduce itself at a staggering rate. 1 bacterial organism per millimeter can grow to 1 million colonial units within the timeframe of one shift! If this is left untreated, it can cause serious problems. In some economical situations, the installation will seem to be working fine, but the filter will not be working properly. As a result of this, the treated condensate will still containt amounts of oil, which, once disposed of in the sewage system or on open waters, will cause contamination. Fines can be imposed for this.

The other possibility is that the installation cannot treat the condensate at the same rate, and will overflow. This is also unacceptable, but at least the contaminated condensate won`t reach the open waters. It will however, signal to the technicians that there is a problem that requires attention.

BEKO Technologies has developed the solution and proves itself once again as market leader in the field. The new flow-control pump system uses BEKO Technology`s tried and true level-sensor technology to measure when the level of the condensate has reached the pre-determined level. The flow control will then pump the condensate through the filter after which, the condensate is disposed of. The flow control system prevents the filter blocking. The slime problem occurs with all types of oil-water separators by any manufacturer, where condensate contains bacteria.

BEKO Technologies has attacked the problem and are the only condensate treatment company to offer a solution for the problem. Moreover, BEKO Technologies offers a free on-site inspection to analyse the condensate. The customer will know whether the disposed condensate meets the local and legel requirements or whether he needs to take action to improve the situation.

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