Contactless power transmission with Freecon

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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You are working on advancing your automation? We support you with a revolutionary solution. Let’s connect.

With FreeCon Contactless, Weidmüller is the first company to present a new connection component for contactless energy transmission which was specially developed for extensive use in the industrial environment. The innovative system has optimised inductive resonance coupling technology.

Thanks to innovative heat management, it transmits up to 240 watts with an extraordinary degree of efficiency of up to 90 percent. Its extremely compact design means that FreeCon Contactless can be used in virtually any environment. It can also be switched by means of PLC and can be integrated in a control program.

Consequently, it satisfies all the requirements of a demanding industrial environment. With this wealth of advantages, FreeCon Contactless is meeting the requirements of future automation solutions today and is getting your production processes ready for “Industry 4.0”.

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