CylinderFinder, the first hydraulics selectieo app by Holmatro

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Technical professionals who work with hydraulic cylinders know from experience that the range of this type of equipment is enormous. Searching for the correct cylinder can therefore be extremely time-consuming. Holmatro has developed an app with which the right cylinder can quickly be selected : the CylinderFinder.

The CylinderFinder is a smart wizard that makes the work executed by technicians considerably easier. The application is available both on and offline. It includes the complete range of cylinders of the Dutch hydraulics specialist. As soon as a new type of cylinder is introduced, the application is immediately updated.
Various filters, relating to issues such as tonnage and the stroke length of the cylinders, gradually reduce the selection. This selection can also be further refined by choosing the type of cylinder, the return form and the material of which it is made. The wizard then provides a summary of the appropriate cylinders on the basis of the specifications entered.

Click the external link and experience the convenience of the Holmatro CylinderFinder.

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