Even more capacity and functionality with solenoid valve

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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SMC, the world’s leading provider of pneumatics, continues to dazzle with the new size SY7000 of its unique all-purpose solenoid valve.
Together with a mixed mounting of SY5000 and SY7000 in the same manifold, providing greater flexibility and economical operation, the new extremely compact size promotes even more air savings as a result of driving higher cylinders with reduced cycle times and without the need to use larger, more expensive, solenoid valves.
In addition to a new plug-in sub-plate type that allows using this 5-port solenoid valve independently, the series also features a residual pressure release type that enables the automatic release of residual pressure in a cylinder, avoiding the need to use any external component when the supply pressure is shut off.
Available with either rubber or unique metal seal, which is particularly suitable for higher operating frequencies and provides extended lifetime performance, the new SY series incorporates SMC’s energy-efficient V100 pilot valve and a power saving option that helps even more in reducing power consumption.
With piping options from all directions, top, bottom or from the side, many fixed and replaceable port sizes, and available for a wide range of wiring types, the new SY3000/5000/7000 series provides even more flexibility and customised solutions.
Recognised as a global technology leader and voted for the third consecutive year as one of the world’s most innovative by leading business magazine, Forbes, SMC has a diverse customer base covering all automation industries.

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