Fiktech supplies Seek Thermal Cameras

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Fiktech BV has the whole range of thermal imaging cameras Seek Thermal inc. included in the delivery package. These cameras make by their low price, the forward looking infrared technology finally available to any technician who can face unnecessary – downtime due to overheating of electrical or mechanical components. In particular, the Seek Reveal is a must have tool that no workplace should be without.

A thermal imaging camera or infrared camera is a camera that detects images in the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Thermography is a non-contact measuring method in which the surface temperature of the environment (objects and flora & fauna) is visualized. This is done by means of a thermographic camera: it is equipped with an optical system which is suitable for the infrared color spectrum (IR radiation from normal glass filters) and a detector that analyzes the wavelength. Its operation is based on the Law of Vienna.

The camera provides a thermogram, a representation of the ambient surface temperatures. With the aid of a display can be displayed as an image based purely on the heat radiation of objects and living matter. This measuring method has several advantages; one can also shoot at night or in the dark. Therefore, the infrared camera is one of applications of night vision equipment. In addition, the thermal imaging camera offers a variety of ways to prevent the industry technical problems due to excessive heat.

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