FLIR’s New Flexible Coil Clamp Meters

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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FLIR Systems announced the new CM55/57 Flexible Clamp Meters and the TA72/74 Universal Flex Current Probe Accessories designed for electrical applications. Made with narrow, flexible coil clamps, these new tools allow electricians to take accurate measurements in tight, awkward spots that are difficult to access with a traditional hard-jaw clamp meter.

The CM55/57 Flexible Clamp Meters and TA72/74 Universal Flex Current Probe Accessories can easily snake around obstacles to achieve the most accurate measurements and readings, adding up to 3000A AC current for multiple conductor measurements. Both products are available in 10” flexible coil lengths for easy maneuverability and compact convenience, or 18” flexible coil lengths for larger and multiple conductor measurements, double-wrap requirements, and deeper access. Portable, lightweight, and ruggedly built to withstand a 3 meter drop, the CM55/57 and TA72/74 also provide bright, dual LED work lights for illumination when taking readings in poorly lit locations and in deep, crowded cabinets.

“FLIR’s new flexible clamp meters were designed to add safety and convenience to electrical inspections, making it easier to take measurements around multiple conductors, crowded panels, tight switch gears, large bus bars, and wire bundles,” said Rickard Lindvall, Vice President and General Manager of FLIR’s Instruments segment. “Those who already own a clamp meter but want the same flexibility of the CM55 or CM57 can pair most DMMs and clamp meters with a TA72 or TA74 probe accessory for easy inspection and navigation.”

The CM55/57 clamp meters feature Bluetooth® communication for remote viewing and data transfer to iOS® and Android™ devices via the FLIR Tools mobile app, so data can be quickly shared and analyzed directly from a jobsite. Users can even connect multiple units wirelessly for remote viewing of multiphase systems. The TA72 and TA74 probe accessories are equipped with a standard banana plug and voltage signal output, making them compatible with DMMs and clamp meters of any brand.

All models will be available beginning June 15th through participating FLIR distributors and dealers for the following pricing:

CM55 Flexible Clamp Meter with Bluetooth, 10”: €199 (ex. VAT)
CM57 Flexible Clamp Meter with Bluetooth, 18”: €224 (ex. VAT)
TA72 Universal Flex Current Probe Accessory, 10”: €159 (ex. VAT)
TA74 Universal Flex Current Probe Accessory, 18”: €179 (ex. VAT)

For more information and to find a distributor, click the link below

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