Flue Gas condenser

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FLU-ACE® technology greatly improves the fuel efficiency of boiler operations, provides a significant return on investment, and reduces environmental emissions. Up to 90% of the heat normally lost through boiler flue gas stack emissions is recycled by FLU-ACE®. This is possible because the FLU-ACE® unit’s unique direct contact (gas/liquid) design enables optimal recovery of both sensible and latent heat, even in widely varying operating conditions.
Win your fight to reduce energy and production costs:
• Reduce energy consumption on gas, oil and biomass burners by 15% to 35%;
• Reduce greenhouse gases and other emissions commensurate to fossil fuel reductions;
• Enjoy full payback on your FLU-ACE® investment in one to three years… and continued savings throughout the unit’s 20 year plus operational life;
• Achieve typical water temperatures of up to 63°C/145°F (up to 82°C/ 180°F) with alternate design);
• Recover 200% to 300% more heat than conventional recuperator and economizer systems … heat readily usable for process water and air heating;
• Recover and condense between 70% and 90% of the water vapor normally vented in the exhaust gas… providing water for recycling to process;
• Achieve both efficient heat recovery and effective pollution control with one cost-effective FLU-ACE® unit.

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