GEM Venturi steam trap

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The GEM Opal Steam Trap has been designed for line drainage and small duty applications. Designed with the same face to face dimensions as mechanical steam traps it is quick and simple to install.
The Opal Trap contains the same Venturi orifice technology as other GEM Traps, delivering optimum trapping efficiency with a 10 year performance warranty.
The Opal Trap is only suitable for low condensate duty applications and is fully maintainable in-line, with easy access provided to both the strainer basket and orifice chamber. All Opal Traps contain GEM’s inverted cone technology to protect the orifice.
• Compact design
• Same face to face dimensions as common mechanical trap designs
• All parts fully maintainable inline
• Inverted cone design assists in keeping trap free from debris
• Integral reinforced strainer with large surface area
• High specification graphite gaskets
• 10 year performance warranty

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