Gemü M600 valve blocks now available in plastic

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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The process industry makes heavy demands on the properties of the applied components. They should have minimal weight, occupy minimal space, be easy to install and be very reliable.

The M600 program from Gemü satisfies these demands. The compact design makes much complex tubing unnecessary.

Gemü now also offers the M600 program in plastic!

Just like the stainless steel blocks for the pharmaceutical industry, the plastic design offers almost unlimited possibilities. Especially in the processing of hazardous acids or alkalines, the M660 plastic blocks offer a compact, safe solution for complex tubing systems. For instance: the M600 07-06.C (see the illustration):

Function:1 central input, 6 different outputs
Body material:PVC-U
Actuators:6 x 690 NC

– PVC-U, PP, PP natural, PVDF, PEEK, TFM (Teflon)
– Other materials on request

– unions, flanges, weld ends, solvent cement ends

– Cold water systems in the pharmaceutical industry
– Chemical and DI water systems in the Semiconductor industry
– Water treatment systems
– Chemical products dosing
– Compact plastic process skids

– Very flexible, customer specific design
– Compact construction
– Less weight
– Minimal internal volume
– Very few hold-up space
– Suitable for Gemü diaphragms and actuators
– Optimal drain
– Fewer weld and glued connections, fewer potential leakage points
– Less installation labour
– Standard Gemü diaphragms can be applied in the entire plastic program.
– Produced from bar stock material. Injection moulding by Gemü is possible for large production series (OEM), which gives a substantial benefit.

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