Giant stacks supplied to Finland

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Last modified: 9 May 2023

Mid October, an extraordinary transport was spotted along the roads near Meppen, Germany. Two giant stack sections of more than 7,5 meter diameter, weighing respectively 135 tonnes and 56 tonnes, were transported from fabrication shop in Flechum to inland harbour of Meppen. Final destination of the special cargo was the new power plant in Olkiluoto Finland. After a full day of very careful road transport on German roads, the stacks were transshipped onto an inland water vessel with destination Delfzijl, Netherlands. Upon arrival there, two large cranes were ready to take the cargo on board of Wagenborg vessel MV Cathy Jo. After a 5 day sailing journey, the stacks arrived at port of Olkiluoto, where a giant crane was positioned for the offloading operation. Final part of the job was to position the stacks on their foundation in the new power plant. Again a fine piece of factory to foundation logistics by Wagenborg!

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