Holmatro hydraulics for lifting shed Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Who happened to be in Rotterdam or the Rotterdam area the last couple of months could not have missed it : the big white box on top of the high rise to be, right in front of the Sophia Children’s Hospital, is an eye catcher on the construction site of the Erasmus Medical Centre.
The lifting shed is in fact a construction plant that was built on top of the fourth level of the high rise. It”s a platform with an overall roof where all activities take place to be able to build a complete casco floor with all of its necessities within one week. When a floor is completed the shed sort of lifts itself up in order to facilitate construction of the next floor. The lifting of the construction shed is executed by means of Holmatro”s double acting cylinders with hydraulic return (model HJ 300 H 30 SP). On the website of the Erasmus MC you can read about and see the application.

The basic construction of the 31 floors counting new tower of the Erasmus MC is completed. In September 2011 the high rise should be free of its “crown”.
De lifting shed was developed by Civiele Technieken de Boer, by order of the construction consortium BAM/Ballast Nedam.

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