Holmatro introduces the SADA Power Switch

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Holmatro supports its clients in managing unprecedented power simply and smartly with the slogan “Mastering power”. The new SADA Power Switch is a small but outstanding tool in Holmatro’s product range of powerful hydraulic solutions for heavy industrial applications. Thanks to this handy tool, vari pump users can now switch from double acting to single acting without losing time.

Holmatro believes in the power of innovation : both small and large innovations. A striking example of this is the useful SADA Power Switch. Until recently it was impossible to drive both single and double acting tools with just one Holmatro vari pump. The SADA Power Switch does offer that flexibility. Users can now choose from single or double acting, depending on the tools they use.

To put it briefly, the main driving force behind Holmatro‘s innovative tools is to place the user to the centre stage. The SADA Power Switch is an ideal addition for those who regularly work with the double acting vari pumps from the Holmatro range. Simply place the switch under the double acting valve and then be able to switch rapidly from single to double acting with the dual position button. The SADA Power Switch allows users to immediately “Feel the power”.

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