Holmatro pulling cylinders for seafastening system

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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For the installation of offshore wind farms, the turbine components, including monopiles (hereinafter: MP’s) are transported over sea on specially constructed heavy-lift vessels. Conbit Engineering in Best, Holland, designed the so-called seafastening construction for the UK installation company Seajacks to ensure that the MPs remain securely in position, even in the most extreme circumstances.

The MPs (weight: 600 ton p/pcs) rest on two support points and are secured to the deck with straps with the aid of a saddle construction. Four straps, each with a pre-stressed capacity of a minimum of 50 tons, must be anchored to each support point. The pre-stressing is ensured with the aid of an auxiliary construction with 2 large stud ends.

In order to accomplish this, Holmatro supplied the pulling cylinders, each with a capacity of 60 tons. In view of the fact that cylinders remain in the construction for a long period of time, they are resistant to the conditions at sea. They are also fitted with special couplings that are suitable for offshore applications.

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