Huge costs through leaking flanges

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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We noticed that many flange connections in the chemical and petrochemical industry are improperly sealed or have the wrong seals and thus a leakage occurs. The latest incident was on a refinery with a leak in the flange connection of an oxygen pipeline. Three days downtime cost 30 million Euros! And yet it is relatively easy to have a proper and leakfree flangeconnection, even certified to TA-Luft of Fire-Safe. Before supply and mounting, the flanges and gaskets are calculated with our TÜV-approved calculation program. After finishing the surfaces of the flanges our Carrier seal is placed and if necessary spring loaded bolts. The documentation, calculation and components NMF will have already certified by TÜV and with these the user can obtain the necessairy ceritifcation for his installation. Assembly by NMF`s certified team or after a training by your own people. Also suitable for manholes and HP Heat Exchangers.

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