Ionisization Tube

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Fiktech recently developed the special ionization tube type AF2-7199 to easily deal with static charges in pneumatic conveying and Air Knives & Air Guns. The difficult and fragile mounting of an anti-static bar is replaced with this cunning solution.

Who Needs Static Elimination?

Static occurs in just about any industry. All Fiktech Ionisation products remove static from:

Heat-set ink dryers, paper and textile drying equipment
Electronics assembly areas or servicing of boards and components
Around guide rods and rollers on any machinery handling continuous or sheet fed paper or plastic
Feeders, unwinders, stackers and separators
Pre-paint prep areas
Printing on plastic sheets
High speed printing
Elevator stackers
Packaging materials
Pneumatic conveyors
Injections molded parts
Cutters and slitters for trim removal
Photofinishing operations

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