IQsafeLink, more than remote take-over of your machine

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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While implementing IQsafeLink in various circumstances in industrial automation, we unexpectedly came to extra usage of this safest solution of remote take-over of machine and process controls. Together with the easy IQsafeLink-tool (the application that runs on PC’s and laptops and actually grants access to the machines that are equipped with an IQsafeLink), the clever box also can connect from anywhere to a company network or server. In a time that sees a growing popularity in working from home, there are several solutions. If it however is one that needs a safe connection between home and the office, than IQsafeLink is the way!

The concept is simple: the companies network or server is equipped with a IQsafeLinkand employees that work from home install the IQsafeLink-tool on their home PC or laptop. Now they are able to safely remote access their “office place” and work at a distance as if they were sitting on the chair
behind their desk.
Home – office solutions with IQsafeLink:
•one box, unlimited number of home working employees
•connection concept with safety comparable to that of telebanking
•familiar computer environment at home (actually taking over your office display)
•simply to install in a network or along a server
•easy to use from a PC or laptop
•attractive pricing
•applicable for all company networks.

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