ITS BV will organize a demonstration tour with Vortex Valves

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
Article image of: ITS BV will organize a demonstration tour with Vortex Valves

The US manufacturer of bulk dry material handling valves, Vortex®, has emulated its unique and highly popular American sales promotion tool in Europe.

After their parent company spent many years showcasing their unique valve designs using mobile demonstration units Vortex® Valves Europe Limited have acquired a similar unit for the roads of the UK and Europe.

The exhibition trailer has an open side activated by gas struts and contains a complete set of the Vortex® valve range. The unit has a stand alone pneumatic and both 12 volt and 220 volt electric systems that allow all products to be shown in full working order at any location however remote. The unit also contains state of the art presentation hardware to allow films and animations to be shown to support the working samples.

Jan Le Blansch from ITS BV said “Although the trailer represents a considerable investment by Vortex® it is an invaluable tool to help our potential clients appreciate just what our products are capable of and how they function. There is no replacement for being able to see this kind of product in the flesh rather than looking at glossy literature. We do however appreciate what busy people our clients are so we take our products to them”. The European Vortex® mobile demonstration unit will hit the road in the week of 21 to 25 September 2009. Interested parties can contact ITS to arrange a demonstration visit.

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