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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Do you need gloves, paper, glue, labels and the person before you did not replenish? Do you or colleagues create your own supply of materials so that you can work without disruption?

If yes, it is time for kanban. MoT developped a special designed multi usable kanban for almost all situations. The kanban can be used in at leats 6 different ways and reduces the risks of loss and neglect. The kanban fits to almost all racks, crates, bins, shelves etc. and is also available in a magnetic version. The kanban can be used in food, medical, clean room, care environmenst and also in hot and moist places.

The kanban is made of durable aluminium with dimensions 10x15x3 cm. Standard color is canary yellow. Other colors are possible.

Costs: starting at € 3,95 each

A suitable label printer can be offered.

A scan and detailed offer for your situation costs approx. 1 day. There are costs involved. A discount on the kanbans will be given.

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