Latest SMC guided cilinder ideal for large work pieces

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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SMC has unveiled a new guided cylinder to complement its MGP Series that is filling a gap in the market for a wide guided cylinder that can handle large work pieces.
The MGPW has been designed with improved plate rotation torque that is three times larger than the standard MGP Series. This has been achieved by doubling the size of the guide pitch and re-positioning the guide components, which have also led to improvements in the non-rotating accuracy of the plate.
Although similar in weight to the MGP, the MGPW has 170% more volume by using anodised aluminium and optimising the dimensions of various components.
Easy to set-up and mount, therefore reducing labour costs, the MGPW can be used with two colour D-M9*W indication solid state auto switches or alternative round auto switches which can be fitted directly, removing the need for attaching brackets onto two surfaces of the cylinder.
Specially designed to transfer large work pieces and those with eccentric loads, the MGPW has three types of bearing options (slide, ball bushing and high precision ball bushing) and mounting options (top, side and bottom) as standard. Also able to manage several applications, such as lifting and pushing, the MGPW is suitable for many industries including general automation, automotive as well as electrical and electronic devices. Recognised a global technology leader and voted for the second consecutive year as one of the world’s most innovative by leading business magazine, Forbes, SMC has a diverse customer base covering all automation industries.

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