Lubrafil introduces foulex coating

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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What is FouleX®?
Foulex is a very thin, silver-containing layer which is applied permanently to the filter candles. Silver has an antiseptic effect and prevents or reduces the formation of biofilm.

This effect is also used more and more in other areas like medicine, (wound disinfection) or functional clothing (prevention of noxious odours).

Why FouleX®?
In water en aqueous solutions a film, that is known as biofilm, form at the boundary layer between liquid and solid phase (e.g. filter medium). This biofilm consists of microorganisms and their secretions, which produce hydrogels in connection with water. These hydrogels are relatively stable and therefore difficult to remove. The filter media gets blocked and has to be cleaned by hand. With usual flow rates, the thickness of the biofilm in filters lies between 10-100 µm. Especially, in case of filtration < 300µ problems may arise.

Furthermore, biofilm leads to biocorrosion, which also attacks stainless steels. Biofilm is build up, until the flow leads to its erosion. The result is that detached particles of biofilm are permanently carried along and contaminate the water.

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