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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Many years ago, Beko technologies, manufacturer of compressed air treatment, introduced a compressed air dryer to the market, the Drypoint® M Plus.

This particular dryer proved succesful due to the fact that it requires no electrical connection, it had a small footprint and could achieve a low pressure dew point of -40°C and under certain conditions even lower.

In spite of this, some markets required a compressed air dryer that would reduce compressed air consumption and offer the possibility of setting a specific pressure dew point which would remain stable no matter what the surrounding conditions are. In short, the market needed an intelligent dryer.

Jan Slatman, Global Account Manager for Beko technologies b.V., who is an avid and experienced technician, then took the dryer under his wing and added an intelligent electrical valve which is able to independly analyse the inlet conditions and adjust the purge accordingly, whilst constantly maintaining a stable dew point, an important requirement for many users.

Small-scale simulations and tests in the BeNeLux workshop supplied results that were promising enough to warrant the further development by the R&D department in the German headquarters. A number of prototypes were produced for field-testing at different locations in the Netherlands. The dryers were exposed to serious testing conditions and the results exceeded expectations.

Thus the Drypoint® M eco intelligent membrane dryer was born. This upgraded version has overcome the disadvantages of the current dryer by reducing purge air to a minimum, allowing the dew point to be determined and providing an on-line environment from which the membrane dryer can be managed using the Metpoint® BDL datalogger. Now every user can have a dryer that does exactly what it is required to do, without exceeding those requirements.

Beko technologies b.V. has taken a major step forward with this development. Many industries, including plasma cutters, laser cutters, outdoor applications and the bulk and solids industry as well as many others have confirmed that this dryer has answered a question that has up until now remained unanswerable.

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